My mission here is to encourage others to celebrate the beauty in the common every day moments of an intentional life.

Deep devotion to my marriage, home and family are at my core. It is where I find fulfillment in life. I'm a twenty something year old navigating life as a newlywed with my sweet husband, a tight knit family and a recent move to our dream home in the woods. I thrive on balancing it all with enjoyment. Nothing makes me happier than this. A loving relationship, home and family are my greatest joys.

The land of New England is at my core. It's where my roots run deepest. It is a place that holds my home, my family, and the birth of our marriage. New Hampshire in particular has my heart. When I'm there, I feel most grounded. It's where I grew up for the majority of my childhood and where I became the woman I am today. The mountains, woods, quaint charm and slow simple pace of life are everything to me.

After spending the past eight years in Massachusetts for college and settling into that post-college life where we bought our first home, got married and rescued our sweet pup Conway... We've finally made the big leap and moved back up North to a tiny little town in New Hampshire called Nottingham where we've built our dream home and are setting down deep roots for our life ahead as not only a married couple but the family we hope to have down the road as well.

I believe life is truly a gift. It is so worth focussing on the simplest positive moments each and everyday. You know, the beautiful common moments of a common day.