I'm here to encourage finding the beauty in  c o m m o n  everyday moments.

Deep devotion to my marriage, family and home are at my core. It is where I find fulfillment in life. I'm a twenty something year old navigating life as a wife and mama with my husband, Derek, and our baby daughter, Blaire Jean. We have a tight knit family that we love to spend a lot of time with making memories beyond just the annual holidays.

New England is home. It's where my roots run deepest. It is a place that holds my home and my family. New Hampshire in particular has my heart. Here, I feel most grounded. It's where I grew up for the majority of my childhood and where I became the woman I am today. The mountains, woods, quaint charm and slow simple pace of life are everything to me.

After spending the past eight years in Massachusetts for college and settling into that post-college life where we bought our first home, got married and rescued our sweet pup Conway... We've finally made the big leap and moved back up North to a tiny little town in New Hampshire called Nottingham where we've built our dream home. We are setting down deep roots for our life ahead for our family with a sweet baby girl who just arrived in December of 2018.

I believe life is truly a gift. It is so worth focussing on the simple positive moments each and everyday. You know, the beautiful common moments of a common day.