Groove Ring


It's been a really good, really hot summer. And even though it's now August which means the summer is winding down, I know there are still many weeks to enjoy ahead of us. The heat seems to linger all through September, sometimes even into the early weeks of October.

In the summer, if we aren't working or doing something for the house, we're probably at the lake. We kayak and go for a quick dip on random week nights, bbq dinner on the beach for a date night and spend longer weekend days swimming, paddling around, tying up at islands and swimming til we're hungry and ready for dinner.

There's just something about being out on the water in our quiet kayak surrounded by nature that is so relaxing. It's freeing and simple. Two thing that I think define summer.

Since we spend so much time at the lakes in our area, I've come accustom to wearing a wedding band that fits this lifestyle when we're on the water. I don't know about you, but I'm paranoid of chipping or losing my rings in a place where they'd be near impossible to recover (large bodies of water, sand, etc). I love Groove's flexible and comfortable bands for situations like this. It is so easy to wear when we're active and need an alternative to our precious rings!

Not to mention, baby girl is only growing more and more each day and soon enough my rings will probably no longer fit until after she arrives. My Groove ring is so soft and easy to swap out to keep my finger and rings safe as I progress through my pregnancy.

The end of summer is my favorite part of the season. The days are the warmest. The sunsets are beautiful. And it's also when we celebrate our wedding anniversary which means we go on a little vacation! We're headed to Boothbay, Maine for a few days next week and I'll definitely be packing my Groove ring for when we head for the beach or visit a local state park.

I'm running a giveaway on my Instagram (@nicolelynnschradieck). Head there to enter to win a Groove ring of your choice :)

Til then, enjoy these warm days while they're here and get outside!


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