Year One

Year One


It has been exactly five months since I've published a post here. Life has a crazy way of flying by and moving forward. At the same time, we just passed the one year mark of our marriage to which we celebrated, reflected and commemorated with these beautiful photos taken by Julia Matson Photography.

I feel like a broken record talking about how much has changed and grown for us in the past year as well as just the past five months alone — but I think that is because it is a revolving humming narrative in my thoughts as I've been focusing on processing it all. Lucky are we that it has been a year of good, positive and forward moving growth and changes. But growth and changes, nonetheless. A territory that comes with adjusting, processing and realigning by nature.

Year one of our marriage brought upon a flurry of new adventures for both of us. We both made quite life altering leaps in our careers, sold our first home / built a new home in New Hampshire and walked along side our families as they settled into new paths of their own as well. As for us, these changes were in our minds as far off — at least two or three years or so. However, the time for each blared in our lives much much sooner than anticipated. That's the part that is taking me a while to wrap my mind around. Yes, we wanted all of this and it's all such a blessing. It's the sheer speed of it all that has my head spinning.

It's been a ricochet effect with things falling into place over time and one after another. We're still in the thick of that. We always will be, that's life isn't it? That's the best part.

I wouldn't trade our first year for anything. Had it panned out the way we planned, what a shame it'd be to have missed out on all of the life we've lived and faced together to get to this point. It's exactly what we needed and we're exactly where we're meant to be — even if the big picture isn't totally clear to us yet.

Before we got married we were curious as to whether or not we'd feel any different once we were husband and wife. Prior to our wedding we had lived together for three years and combined our lives in nearly every aspect. Well a year later we both agree we absolutely feel different, if you want to call it that. Marriage has proven to truly be a gift and a bond on a level that can't totally be explained since so much of it is felt.

This year has evermore widened our love, respect and service for one another. Our marriage is our rock, our foundation and our haven in times of celebration and struggle... and everything in between. 

After we took these photos, we went to dinner and talked about what we see this next year / chapter holding for us. It is not lost on me how grateful I am that we are where we are and are looking forward in pursuit of our dreams. We hope to continue to situate ourselves in our new home and community, live in the moment - enjoy where we are - enjoy the simple things, travel to a few places on our bucket list and fervently prepare for the next few years for our ultimate dream of starting a family.

Though change can be uncomfortable and confusing at times, taking a leap into the unknown has revealed a lot of truth. Though there is still more to solidify, each day I am pursuing the present and not shying away from diving deep into the heart behind it all.

My mission here with the Common Day remains the same: to encourage the celebration of the beautiful common everyday moments of an intentional life. This is a mission I truly do my best to live out in my own day to day as well. I'm excited to continue to share more of what we're up to.

Until then, thanks for stopping back over to my little home on the web. I'm happy to have taken this time to really focus on the present without the pressure of keeping up with it all on here. With the fall season about to officially begin tomorrow (!) I can't wait to jump in!!

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