Local Gem: Umami


Even though we haven't moved up North to our new home yet, we've still spent a decent amount of time exploring a few local spots when we're in the area checking in on the progress of the build or dropping off materials. If you know Derek and I, you know we love good food. So it is really not a very big surprise that we've already found our go-to spot in our new community: Umami.

Our first time there was the day our offer was accepted on the house. At that point, we felt we could really start to begin picturing the future we had in this area and could invest time into checking it out without any false hopes. Since that day, we've eaten here almost every time we're up in the area. It's in the next town over from us, Northwood, which is about a 7 minute drive from our new home. SCORE.

I absentmindedly forgot to take any photos of what we ordered this time around which also if you know me is VERY out of character. I'm always that person that is practically standing on the table to get "the shot" of my food. Let's just say it was so good, photos weren't on my mind once the food arrived ;) I'll be sure to take photos of our dishes next time for ya'll.

As you can see on the menu though (at least I shot that!), they serve unique farm to table casual eats. The burgers are insane. The bowls are delicious. I can't wait to try it all. They also have an equally amazing brunch menu which is served on Sundays... top of the list to try it out once we move in.

They don't stop at the food selection. The drinks are just as delectable. A huge coffee list and even some seasonal options as well as locally made sodas and yes... beer, wine and THREE different blends of mimosas. Swoon.

Also at the top of the list once we move into our new home is to go to Umami on a Friday night when there is live music being performed! The whole vibe is so up our alley. This is why we're moving to a place like this... a simple yet so well done joint like this that offers everything your (our?) heart could desire. Top notch unique food, wide drink selection, trendy yet country atmosphere, the kindest people and no-fuss live music. Yaaas.

Like I said, the atmosphere is on point. It's large enough so you're not on top of one another like some cafe-esque places are, yet so so cozy with quaint reading corners and twinkle lights. Not to mention, the staff are always so happy and genuine — something we're not so use to! The pace of life up here is just, calmer.

I think it's safe to say Umami is a local gem. We can't wait to have casual and simple date nights here as well as experience their bluegrass brunch on Sundays. More so, we are so eager to continue exploring our new stomping grounds to discover more gems like this :)

Until then, one last pre-move in house update is coming a bit later this week! Flooring, counter tops, the completed farmers porch... to name a few new updates!!

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