Building Our Home: The Light Fixtures


Image via: De Koektrommel

If you happened to catch my brief Instagram Story the other day, you'd have heard that the closing on the new house has been delayed up to a month (ouch). We're hoping that that's a stretch and that we'll be moving in sooner rather than later...fingers crossed?

In terms of finishes for the house, I shared the inspiration behind our decisions for those things a few weeks ago here. With new construction the buyer purchases the appliances and light fixtures so we've been chipping away at finding just the right pieces. I'm pretty sure appliances aren't quite worthy of a blog post, nothing too fancy here. However, I've put quite a bit of time into the curation of our light fixture collection so I figured I'd show you!

The over all aesthetic of the house is somewhere between traditional farmhouse and modern. In other words... a pretty much entirely neutral base with a variety of textural elements for interest. I am aiming to keep everything balanced and not swing too far to either end of the spectrum, be it farmhouse or modern. I want it to feel classic, not trendy.

Here is what we've chosen!:

Over the sink
Over the table & Hallway
Bathroom Vanities
Front entry & Deck
Dining room (similar)


We received some photos from our realtor of the cabinets being installed throughout the kitchen and bathrooms (!!!!!!!!!) last week so we headed up this weekend to see for ourselves and check in on any further progress. I'll share a little "in-progress" house tour in a few days! I'm thinking it'll serve as a fun capsule in time to look back on a few years down the road when we're nicely settled in.

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