Building Our Home: First Look Tour


This is the first time I'm sharing photos of our actual house here! How exciting and surreal...a dream come true. Even as short of a time as six months ago, I would not have imagined that this crazy thing called life would take us here... and despite the roller coaster ride that is new construction, I'm glad it did.

Until now it's been a lot of framed walls and the progress was boring stuff like HVAC, electrical and plumbing. However, the pretty things started coming together over the past few weeks so we took ride up this past weekend to see for ourselves and boost our stamina to get through this long(er-than-expected) haul.

Believe it or not, this was April 1. Snowing like a bear. And the day we were slated to be moving in. Boy oh boy do things happen for a reason. We moved OUT of our home in a snow storm and if we'd have moved IN to our new home in one as well.......? Yikes! Blessing in disguise that we're delayed, or so I keep telling myself!

So here we are! Marveling at the progress and getting ridiculously excited for the huge new chapter that this house poses for us.

As far as the exterior of the house, the siding is fully up as well as the deck!

This view of the quiet woods behind the house is what floats my boat most in life.

We're deck people. LOVE a well situated deck with a view. My dad is known for having an awesome custom one at each house he's lived in because, paaaartay! So, I suppose that's where I get it from. Though ours is not massive, it's much bigger than what we had at our townhouse and I cannot wait to set up a table to seat six (!!!) for many dinner parties to come in the fresh air.

The kitchen! Ah! It's white, bright and has the matte black cup pulls I've dreamt of for so long. That's a normal thing to dream about, right? Seeing the cabinets installed made this all so real. Like, there it is. My dream kitchen. Right before my eyes.

The island was an add on that is well worth the cost as it'll allow a daily place for us to eat meals and  it even has drawers/cabinets for extra storage! That was a pleasant surprise.

The kitchen is open to the living room and sliding glass doors. The area in front of the sliding glass doors is meant to be where a table goes to make it an eat-in kitchen. However, we're not sold on that use. You'll see further down in the post that we turned the study/4th bedroom on the other side of the big wall you see here, into a dining room. We plan to have a big ol' farm table in there for when we have guests over. And like I said before, we'll use the island on a day to day basis. So to have a third spot to eat in the kitchen seems excessive. We had a table in our previous house in the kitchen and never used it! So, I'm thinking of putting my piano on the small wall there and making that a cozy corner.

This shot shows the openness of the kitchen to the living room/entry. The open door there goes down to the basement/garage.

Down this hall to the left is the 'dining room', to the right is a half bath/laundry room and straight ahead is a storage closet/pantry.

The fireplace, swoon. What a treat it'll be to have that in the fall and winter when it's chilly out. Not to mention a mantel for hanging stockings... ahh! Oh and, two words: carrara marble <3<3<3<3

We were excited to see even small details installed like the trim around the windows and some of the baseboards! It's truly forming into a house. Not to mention, all of the walls are up and painted!

The exterior door handles are now installed and though that may seem minor, it's something I'm (oddly?) sentimental about. For whatever reason, the front door handle is something my dad has always been specific in every house we had growing up. We always had a stately handle to really give the front entry a little bit extra something. To me it is one of the many things that makes a house a home. Without it, the house wouldn't feel complete.

The front door opens up to the farmers porch which I just, really, cannot wait to enjoy. I grew up with a farmers porch and I truly appreciate the joy that comes from the moments spent there.

See that entry next to the stairwell? That's where the 'dining room' is that we created.

And here it is. It's a great size and we'll be able to fit a table large enough to seat our family for holidays — a major goal of ours in making this move. I cannot wait to pick out just the right wood farm table to raise our family with and then pass down from generation to generation.

It's....really hard to take photos of small rooms, so pardon the terrible angle here. Props to you, real estate photographers! Anyway, this is the half bath / laundry room on the first floor. Derek and I agreed we'd have color on the walls in a few of the bathrooms so the half bath and guest bath got it, a muted sage green. Love!

The railing is up in the stairwell!... again, something minor but groundbreaking all at the same time. This is the view from the master bedroom looking towards the linen closet, guest bath and what will be our home office on the other side of the large wall there.

The master bedroom has two tiny charming windows which will be above the bed. This is just one of the many details that we fell in love with right away. It's unexpected and gives the house character. The door to the right there is the walk in closet.

And from the opposite perspective, you can see the lovely big windows and the door that leads into the master en suite bathroom.

We're so excited to have an en suite! This means having guests over will be just that much more comfortable for everyone which is so important to us as we grow into our home becoming the hub. It'll also be a neat change to have a large stand up shower instead of a tub. We plan on adding glass doors soon after moving in to really jazz it up.

This is the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom. It'll be used as a guest room. The two windows there are so fun, they crank open! Again, another detail of character we love.

Are you keeping up? I know, a lot of windows and empty's hard to differentiate. This here is the 3rd bedroom at the end of the hall. We will use it as our home office.

This is a shot of the hallway from the other end, looking at the master bedroom on the left and the guest bedroom on the right.

Directly across from our home office is a linen closet and the guest bath.

I'm so excited that we'll have a fresh, new, clean bathtub. Never used before. GOLD. Derek has his workshop in the garage and... I'm claiming this tub as my sanctuary for relaxing hot baths. Something I've been dying to have for ages. And theoretically could have had, but I could never quite get over my clean-freak fear of an old tub. Ha!

The garage is a two car and is currently full of building materials so I will take better photos of that once we're in and Derek has nested (his sanctuary). The basement is small but functional and there's really nothing to document there.

With that, there it is! The first look at our house!!

This quiet little country road is soon to be our home. Our dream home. Our forever home. We've worked so hard as a couple the past (almost) 6 years. And I've personally worked towards this goal since I was about 16. It's been my greatest goal to make a serene and comfortable home with the one I love in a place that we love, to welcome our family and friends into for so many years to come.

It's the end and the beginning.

It's the end of the chase and hustle it took to get here.
It is time to reap the benefits of what we've sowed.

Yet it's the beginning of so much more. The beginning of a life uniquely ours.

It's not only a geographical move but a lifestyle change is on the cusp as well. We plan to shift our priorities away from the sprint it's been to begin our life together and instead now focus on digging our roots into who we are and where we are.

It's time to quit hopping from one thing to the next and instead plant our feet. It's time to lean into living a simple life. It's time to shift, to reclaim our space as a couple and be care free with our time. It's time to be still. It's time to own what we believe in and build the foundation for, God willing, little ones to enter our family down the road. This house, this move and this change in pace is the start of it all. It's just the beginning...



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