Building Our Home: The Final Stretch


Finally, somehow, progress has been moving quicker than I've had time to keep up with updating here! I've had this post in drafts for about ten days now or so and even since then, there's been the final progress with more pictures to post.

With that said, here is the progress tour of the house as it's being built. Instead of posting the two sets of photos in two posts, I'll just put them all here. You get the point! Double the love. And like I've said before, if nothing else, I'm so looking forward to the day when we look back on these progress photos and see where we started from. A time capsule if you will.


This set is essentially the progress of the completion of the farmer's porch, shutters hung, hardwood and tile floors in and the counter tops installed...

And then a week later, it really all came together. The land was cleared and leveled, the driveway was paved, the appliances were installed, banisters put in, light fixtures installed...! AH! Even the hydro-seed was laid which even though it will take a few weeks or months to really grow in, at least gives a visual of what it'll look like greenery-wise and where it'll all fall. Pinch. Me.

Seeing the land all graded was like night and day. It looks 10x bigger, if that was even possible and just looked.... like home, all of a sudden! It was a surreal moment. Sort of like, "Oh! There it is!".

And the final touch which was done in the past few days so we don't have photos of it yet is that the carpet was installed upstairs in all of the bedrooms :) We got a light berber. Which, according to the sales person at the flooring store, apparently no one seeks out anymore? News to me. It's the only carpet I'd ever choose! #berberfanforlife

And that's a wrap! We close in seven days and then it's ours. It's home. Gosh we cannot WAIT! This extra month was a true test of patience, and I'm not sure how we did it, but here we are... down to mere days!

The next time I post here about the house, we'll be moved in and settled :) Mind you, this make some patience on your end as we plan to settle in slowly and right. This is it. This is our forever home and we're going to take our time with it. But when all is said and done, it'll be so worth it! Until then, perhaps snippets here and there of what we've accomplished in the mean time. I'm also honestly excited to move on a bit and start posting about other topics again like our weekend adventures and most importantly an expansion on the style and food genres here.

With that, the next post coming in a few days will be about the key spring pieces I've added to my wardrobe this season!

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