Chopping Down a Christmas Tree in the White Mountain National Forest


Chopping down a fresh Christmas tree is a hearty tradition in my family. One that we've kept alive for over 25 years now. For many years it meant packing up and driving to a far off farm and making an adventure out of the long journey to get there.

Last year it was the total opposite where there was a Christmas tree farm smack dab at the end of the road where my Dad was living in Maine. So we traveled by foot with a wagon in tow to fetch the tree.

Since moving back to New Hampshire a few months ago, this year's jaunt was yet another new adventure. With the legendary Kancamagus highway and the White Mountain National Forrest only a real quick drive away from my Dad's new home in the village of Chocorua, it made for the ultimate "tree farm" this year.

It just doesn't get more pure than that.

We walked and walked through almost three feet of fluffy white snow until...

...there's the one!

With a little shake to take a better look at it without the snow, we took turns chopping it down a little at a time. The tradition at its finest.

And with the trunk hanging on by a thread, the snow falling, and the quietest peace in the air... down it went and we'd officially chopped a Christmas tree from the National forest.

So that it'd actually fit in the truck and the house, we chopped off a bit more and kept the top portion.

Couple of proud tree choppers:

From there we hauled it up the hill and back through the forest path to the truck.

We had so much fun traipsing through the deep snow while even more snow quietly fell on our hats looking for the tree, cutting it, hauling it back and loading it in the truck. This was truly one of, if not THE best Christmas tree chopping adventure we've been on yet. I don't think it can be topped. So we'll just have to do it again next year :)

Once home, we settled in and put on some Christmas music to decorate the tree and sip egg nog. Even the doxies got in the festive spirit. I can't handle the cuteness...

The tree had a vintage-ness appeal to it with its shape so we decided to go all out and throw some silver tinsel on it as well. I'd never decorated with tinsel before but it brought back some fond memories of my Dad's childhood days for him.

How pretty is this.

I love the simplicity of it all; where it came from, the adventure getting there, the nod to good ol' days gone by, and the longevity of this tradition. It's special and brings us together every year. And that's what this season is all about.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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