Weekly Wear: 01


This is the first of a series I am exploring where I will be photographing what I wore several times a week — whether I am headed to the office, working from home, our doing a multitude of different things on the weekend. To get started I've compiled a few of the outfits I've worn over the past couple of weeks.

I like to keep my wardrobe almost completely neutral. It is what I feel most "me" in. Sticking with a neutral palette makes it easier to consistently put together new outfits with an intentional and concise haul of clothes to choose from. Each piece coordinates with the rest quite easily. You'll see a lot of the same items repeated, but styled in different ways since my wardrobe resembles the framework of a capsule wardrobe.

It goes without saying that for days in the office my outfits are definitely a bit more put together than days spent working from home which are all about comfort. Weekends vary depending on what we're doing which totally changes from week to week!

One of my favorite outfit combinations is to wear completely monochrome pieces mixed with a contrasting color or texture to create balance throughout. These sleek black skinnies with my chunky heeled boots and subtle plaid blanket scarf create the base. The burnt ochre sweater adds some interest. It's comfortable and simple, the best combo.

Old Navy blanket scarf | Old Navy sweater | Old Navy black skinnies | Nine West boots (similar)

I recently invested in my first pair of Lululemon leggings. Hear me out. Seeing as I'm pretty late to jump on this band wagon, I too was clearly totally turned off by the steep price. But after consistently buying a new pair or two every year from more affordable brands wearing out (who doesn't live in leggings in fall and winter?!) I decided it just may be worth it to invest. I'm a big believer in investing in high quality pieces when it is something that is either constantly replaced year to year or if it is an item that is worn in high frequency. Bottom line is, they are so worth it. They're thick, structured so they don't sag (the worst), lift, hug and all that good stuff in all the right places. And perhaps most imprtantly, the quality holds up wash after wash. This is what makes the financial investment worth it since they will not need to be replaced on a yearly basis.

My favorite way to style them is with a pair of black and white Nike trainers and a comfortable top. I'm considering this muted blush a sister to neutrals this season as it feels close enough to something like camel or beige. It's a sweet and feminie color I've really grown a liking to... in small doses! This look is perfect for working at home, taking Conway to the dog park or running errands. And working out too, I suppose ;)

Madewell blush pull over (similar) | Lululemon leggings  | Nike trainers

I've had this button down tunic for a few years now and I recently realized I hadn't worn it in a while. I suppose I was bored with wearing it my per usual way which is untucked with leggings (shocker). I decided to style it a bit differently this time by tucking it in and buttoning it all the way up for a classic-chic look. Dark wash skinny jeans, black loafers and a braided metallic belt for texture finish it off for a day in the office.

Gap button down (similar) | Forever21 braided belt (similar) | Old Navy jeans | Forever21 loafers

Back at it with the leggings. Like I said, they get worn at least twice a week. Lots of washing and well perhaps I need another pair?... Or to just give my regular pants drawer a visit. For a slightly less casual look I paired them with loafers instead of trainers, a knit top and my favorite grey scarf. I should probably mention now how much I love grey. I can't dream up a more perfect color. It's just my ideal. This oversized tote is perfect for traveling to and from work with my laptop and lunch.

Gap grey scarf (similar) | LOFT knit top (similar) | Lululemon leggings | Forever21 loafers

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