Small Town Simplicity


This weekend we headed back up to New Hampshire. Partly because we can't stay away, we just love it too much. Partly to visit the ol' pops. Partly to finish moving furniture from house to house.

Mostly because, this face ;)

Toby has claimed this as his perch in the new house. It's not practical since now nothing can go atop the sofa table. But, he loves it and you can't mess with the top dog. His perch is his perch and how could you resist his sweet old face!

It's always so comforting to go home to my childhood pups. My old pals. (Not pictured: Ollie and his sweet blue eyes and fluffy white "beard"). They're comfort in the fluffiest form.

We've quickly found the best places to pull up a chair, a pint and catch up. The best part is that in a small town like Tamworth, there are only a few. Simplicity is a beautiful thing! It allows for community, connections, and time to focus on what's important. This is Chequers. A cute little Italian-esque spot with a little bar, delicious food, and authentic country decor. It's charming as heck. We crave this type of respite and we're grateful to be able to enjoy it.

The next day, we headed out for brunch at the local diner and later found this pit stop on Route 16 with a view and vintage ski trail groomer begging for a photo op!

Hey, pops!

The quick trip left us feeling refreshed for the week ahead. We're staying put at our home in Gloucester for the rest of the month and looking forward to soaking up the rest of what fall here! There's something about the ocean in the chillier months that is so unique and we plan to fully embrace that with walks on the beach and mini-hikes through the little state trails and parks nearby.

I'm not sure how November snuck up on us but this fall has been a spectacular one so it's all good.

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