Our Honeymoon, Part 2: Tulum, MX


There are not enough words in the English language synonymous with 'beautiful' to fully describe Tulum. It's a hidden gem. It's paradise. It's luxurious yet very connected to its natural environment. If I could dream up every extent of the most incredible retreat: it'd be everything that Tulum is. In particular, the stunning boutique hotel we stayed at — Sanara.

Of course we took a million and one photos and I've finally sifted through to share some of them here. I've included a list of all of the places we adventured to, ate at, shopped and where we stayed at the end of the post to serve as a travel guide for Tulum.

You can also watch our video moments from Tulum here.

We flew from Boston to Cancun, rented a car and drove about two hours to Tulum. As soon as we checked in and unpacked our bags, we changed right into our bathing suits to dip our toes in the water and grab a drink on the beach. We couldn't go without the classic hubby and wifey shirts for our travel outfits because, #yogmo — "you only get married once" :).

PSA: We took more mirror selfies than ever on this trip because a. this huge drift wood mirror is amazing and b. it was our honeymoon and we wanted photos together and that's all.

The. Food. It was the best, truly the best, cuisine I've ever eaten. And I'd like to think that's saying a lot. But I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the restaurant associated with Sanara, The Real Coconut, hosts an entirely dairy free menu. I about fell over when I discovered this when we were researching where to stay. It sealed the deal. I have a dairy allergy so this was heaven for me. I could absolutely anything on the menu! ANYTHING! Not just one or two options with a few key ingredients omitted to make safe. Nope. Anything, everything, all of it. It was pure heaven. So we ate, a lot. And it was glorious especially after coming off of 10 months of the ol' wedding diet. The cherry on top was that it was so guilt free. The food and drinks at The Real Coconut is prepared with the freshest and most local natural ingredients. Daniella Hunter, thank you for creating this paradise!

Even the water is beautiful and delicious — always served with a fresh squeezed cucumber. So refreshing.

We felt nothing was more fitting than our first bite being some classic guacamole. We ate it every day after that. Every darn day. And if I could have it packed up and shipped with those delicious little coconut chips and veggies, I'd get a weekly shipment. Just so yummy!

Of course we took tons of photos of our food, as in we took a photo of every single thing we ate and drank — my speciality! I'll sprinkle some of our favorites throughout this post. Here is a peak at their breakfast menu, but you can view their full offerings on their website

Our room was the epitome of luxurious eco-chic design. The grey concrete floors, rich wood textures, crisp white linens, drift wood accents, indigo dyed pillows, organic soaps and pink clay face masks, claw foot tub and cafe lights on the back patio and geometric light fixtures created a relaxing environment I could have only dreamt of. Except it was ours for ten days and I never once stopped marveling at every detail. But that's just it, no detail went unnoticed from comfort to style, everything had both a functional and aesthetic appeal.

Sanara has a small boutique in the wellness spa where you can purchase the dream catcher from your suite in a size that fits in your suitcase. We couldn't pass it up and ours currently hangs above our couch in the living room. Every time I look at it it brings me right back to this beautiful space.

When we were researching and planning our trip, we decided that we only wanted to plan a few adventures and leave the majority of the trip to quite literally sit back and relax. We did just that. Most of our days looked like this: wake up whenever we woke up, mozy over to The Real Coconut for breakfast, lay on our reserved beach bed to read or cat nap, swim and repeat until lunch up on the deck, more lounging and swimming on the beach, retreat back to our suite to cool off in the AC, refresh and change for dinner, get a drink from the bar and enjoy the sunset, set out for dinner along the jungle or eat in at The Real Coconut, and no matter what — always, always get two orders of coconut flan to go to eat in our suite before heading to bed and repeating all of the glory all over again. Which looked like this:


Beachin', reading, swimming, relaxing, lounging

Fruit on a stick was passed out around mid morning throughout our stay, yum! The sweetest I've ever tasted.

Lunch and afternoon drinks

More time at the beautiful beach reading, swimming, sipping an occasional cocktail

Early evening refresh

Dinner in the jungle and evenings at our suite

(when you try to be all cute...

but then it starts down pouring and there's mosquitos so then you have to cover from head to toe...)

Pinot noir taste better when paired with a lush bath bomb and claw foot tub on a private patio in mexico, I swear.

Coconut flan is life.

For the few days that we ventured from Sanara and The Real Coconut we went to the Tulum Ruins, swam in the Grand Cenote, got very lost in the Sian Ka'an national park and got scammed into a dark hole of a cenote all in one day (hey, it's part of the adventure of it all!), rode bikes into town to shop and eat lunch at an authentic road side taco, and also had another destination lunch at a unique restaurant called Posada Margherita where we'd also eaten dinner one night as well.

Josa, a beautiful shop selling caftans and resort-wear.

Bikes are the best way to get around and make you feel like a local, besides they're a so fun to cruise on!

Mi Tierra is the delicious taco stand we frequented more than just a few times throughout or trip. So authentic and absolutely delicious. A true mom and pop type of place, we would order the tacos and guacamole with a pitcher of lemonade, mm mmm.

There were a lot of vegan food options in the area which was such a delight for me especially when it came to ice cream. What a treat to be able to go out for dairy free ice cream together!

Who's that hunk?!

I fell in love with La Troupe from the first time we rode by. Owned by a jolly man, he sells beautifully embroidered pillow covers, throws and other various home decor along with jewelry and a few accessory pieces. We ended up buying three pillow covers for our living room as a souvenir. We wanted souvenirs we'd really use and enjoy daily to enhance our home and remind us of all the memories we had on this trip.

KM 33 is a very small shop with artisanal jewelry and apparel hand made by makers from around the world. Derek was sweet enough to gift me this ring which to us symbolizes not only or memories in Tulum together but our love in the circle design of the ring.


Derek picked up a cute hat at general store to really get down with the Mexico vibe! Also, it was so hot out!!! Jungley.

This was a little shopping area off the main path. I loved the typography of the signs and the decor of the cafes. The chairs right on the jungle ground are so charming! It was such a unique setting how all of the shops and restaurants on the jungle side really embraced the canopy that the trees and natural ground for it's structure.

Posada Margherita is one of those places that you just have to go to if you're visiting Tulum. You have to walk through a winding path totally flocked with potted plants, bright doors, and weathered antique furniture. It's just so unique! That's the only way to describe it. The food is Italian faire ranging from a few varieties of pasta dishes in which the pasta is literally made to order and the catch of the day. They also serve one choice of appetizer which is some delicious bread and oil with sautéed cauliflower, it's just so good! The cocktails are house made and delicious, the produce is fresher than fresh, and the juices are humungous and refreshing. It's difficult to fully describe all that this place is so I'll let the photos do the talking!

We drove our little rental car to the Tulum ruins for a day trip exploring a bit of the local history and stunning views. We even saw some unique wild life which was pretty cute.

Then there was that rip off dank cenote and the never ending bumpiest ride of our lives down through Sian Ka'an where we fully expected to snorkle or something, anything! Despite the car sickness, it made for an adventurous day nonetheless and there was certainly some laughs. And beautiful views too! Always beautiful views.


Two hours into this drive, we finally stopped, hopped out to take a few photos and turned around utterly confused about where the heck all the attractions were meant to be. I think we missed something!

We smartened up and took another stab at visiting a cenote. We were determined! So we hired a taxi to darn drive us there and it was well worth it to not have to navigate such an unfamiliar place without GPS. We chose the Grand Cenote as our destination best on a recommendation from the Sanara concierge. And it did not disappoint! The water was crystal clear, crisp and it even downpoured while we were swimming which added an element of jungle-ness! Derek was brave and swam through the different caves. I wasn't interested in the bats so I stayed in the more exposed areas :)

We'd love to visit more and more cenotes in Tulum when (because it's not a question) we return!

We witnessed some pretty incredible weather not only at the cenote but also a huge storm that rolled in with some magnificent swirling dark clouds. Which then made for an insane sunset!

That huge cloud on the right was fully lighting up with flashes of heat lightening, it was such a show!

We finished out our honeymoon by waking up to watch the sunrise from atop the yoga studio. It was worth it, so calming and gave me yet another reason why I really ought to get on the 'morning person' bandwagon and perhaps see a few more sunrises in my lifetime.

Evidence of my lack of morning person-ness...

To really top off our trip we took a yoga class at the world renowned yoga studio at Sanara, just right next to our suite. I was so proud of Derek for giving it a try and he actually truly enjoyed it and did so great. It was really cool to experience something that I've enjoyed doing in the past, with him for the first time. It was a yoga class that I'll never forget in which we kept our breath to the rhythm of the ocean waves rolling in and the slight breeze coming off of the water rustling through the palm trees. It was the perfect way to end our honeymoon. And quite frankly, we couldn't knot give it a go since it's what Sanara is so known for.

So with one last breakfast, sitting in the same spot we enjoyed breakfast our whole stay, we really tried to yet again wrap our minds around what we'd just experienced and soak every last moment in. And wouldn't you have it, we even witnessed a proposal happening on the beach right in front of us while we ate our last meal! It felt like everything had strangely come full circle. It was a sweet moment.

And with that, we loaded up the car and drove back to the airport in Cancun to head home. Refreshed, relaxed, renewed and ready to start our life as husband and wife. That was a novel. The End.


Sanara Tulum

The Real Coconut
Hartwood (another Tulum must visit)
Posada Margherita
Arca (Argentinian grill style food, amazing)
Mi Tierra
Casa Banana

Tulum Ruins
Grand Cenote
Rent bikes!
Yoga class at Sanara

La Troupe
KM 33

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