Our Honeymoon, Part 1: Ipswich & Newburyport, MA


After the outfit change, last dance, hugs and kisses goodbye, we were sent off in Derek's convertible with the the words 'Just Married' illuminated on the back bumper headed to begin our honeymoon. I believe everyone does say this, but its so true: it is a feeling of complete and utter bliss.

We started the twelve day trip that evening at The Inn at Castle Hill in Ipswich, MA — just a short drive from our venue. Cozied up in the hotel waffle knit robes after a refreshing shower (think: hot August day, huge dress and dancing -- all the dancing!!) it was still hard to wrap our minds around just how much the day we'd just lived. It was a once in a life time experience that we had not only waited our whole lives for, but also spent fourteen months planning and ultimately had the most incredible time surrounded by those we love most. The Inn at Castle Hill felt so fitting for the first few days of our honeymoon as it is a place we can always easily geographically return to for future anniversaries. Or, day trips with our future family to walk the grounds of the Crane Estate where the inn resides.

It's a special place. It's charming and traditional. There is no detail that has gone over looked to create an environment of complete relaxation and peacefulness. The best part is that the same thing goes for where we stayed in Tulum (which I will post about in full, next). Which was perfect because the goal of our honeymoon was to do just that: r e l a x.

When we woke up the next morning, still in total serenity that we were officially husband and wife we did what anyone would do after such a day and headed down to the dining room for a delicious breakfast!

We could not stop staring at these...!

Our room (the Tatiana) was so beautiful, cozy and yet had its own unique flair of vintage and classic New England design. As a lover of all things interior decor, I was in love with the perfect harmony of crisp simple linens paired with patterned drapes and bamboo textured furniture.

What was so nice about starting our time off this way was that the Inn at Castle Hill felt like home and allowed us to really deeply wind down from the huge high of our wedding day and settle into true relaxation in a local and familiar area before jetting down to Mexico for a bit more of an adventurous trip.

We spent much of the first day simply sitting on the large veranda of a porch, slowly rocking, taking in the beautiful vast view before us and every few minutes or so chit chatting about a specific moment or happening from the wedding day — still in such awe of it all.

Is there anything more beautifully New England than this?:

After a little while, we were hungry but didn't want to go to a 'usual' spot for lunch. So we got creative and decided to head to the nearby farm, Russell Orchards, to pick up a few small bites from the little store they have there. To us, it was so spontaneous and just the thing we'd been longing for coming off of over a year of having very little wiggle room with our time. We decided we wanted to go, so we did! It felt like such a novelty and it was divine.

Before heading into the store we wandered the land, visited the animals and marveled at how good it felt to be so in the moment with absolutely no distractions or anything vying for our attention. Not to mention, it was such a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky so it was great to enjoy the beautiful summer day that it was. We ended up picking out some homemade pita chips, hummus, a mini gallon type jug of apple cider (which we then drank straight from the carton, because why not!) and some vegan almond butter cups for dessert. We headed back to the inn and resumed our peaceful spot on the porch and enjoyed every bite!

As the late afternoon neared, we set out to Newburyport for the evening for a few fun things we had planned. First up, an appointment at Interlocks Salon & Spa for a classic ol' post wedding chop. It felt so good.

We then headed to the local waterfront, sat on a bench amongst the teetering docked boats with the sun setting just beyond them.

The pace of our time was just so refreshing. No rush and slow paced. After a nice while, we strolled into the center of town to make our way to Brine for dinner — one of our favorite spots on the North Shore. We make it a point to only dine there for special occasions. This one fit the bill.

Our bellies and hearts so full, we headed back to the inn and relaxed in the comfy living room off of the main lobby. Sitting in the most comfortable silence, we continued to just take it all in. We knew we were smack dab in the middle of a whole experience that would not only change our lives but something we'd remember forever.

We headed to bed on the early side in anticipation of an early wake up call and a day full of traveling come morning.

From start to finish, our stay was so lovely. The finale to it being a beautiful sunrise as we headed out and off to the airport — destination: Tulum!

Part 2 of our honeymoon is next, chock full of tons of photos and suggestions of where to shop, eat, stay and explore!

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