Master Bedroom Update


I think a house is best made into a home over time. We recently celebrated two years of owning this first home of ours. And in good time, we slowly but surely update or upgrade pieces of furniture or finishes. Last winter we gave our living room a makeover from pieced together college furniture to pieces that fit the space and lifestyle we lead today. This time around we were ready for a little more room and warmth in our master bedroom.

We were in need of a larger bed, big time. With Derek's early schedule, a dog that loves to sprawl and both of us being warm sleepers by nature -- we've been dreaming of the day we could sleep much more peacefully by means of a king bed.

Timing was is in our favor and we're also just so lucky to have such gracious family in our life. My mom and her partner, Jim were actually on the opposite side of things looking to downsize so we gladly took their big ol' king off their hands and brought it to our house.

Incorporating a dark wood into the existing design of our room posed as a fun little challenge for me. There's seriously nothing I love more than nesting around a piece like this. Our previous bed was a black IKEA frame with lots of straight lines and coordinated with the back knobs on the dresser and nightstands. It was also so neutral, that it allowed for some color in the lamps and duvet.

The new wood king bed inverted this design. And I wasn't mad about it. Though, I was indeed a little worried that it would totally stick out like a sore thumb and not mesh with the rest of the flow of our house. I worked around that by embracing the warmth that the deep wood tone brought to the room. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it.

Naturally we needed new bedding since our existing bedding moved into the guest room decor. So, I chose a lovely crisp white linen duvet to pair down the dark wood and harmonize with the white dresser and night stands. And for a bit of interest and a nod to the traditional feel that the style of the sleigh bed brings out, I searched high and low for some vintage-esque floral sheets. I found them eventually and I swear I've never loved a pair of sheets more. They're not the typical minimal / neutral look that I tend to gravitate towards and I think that's why I love them so much.

The challenge of tying two styles together (minimal & traditional) has really expanded my palette and it has been eye opening! I love it!

For throw pillows I wanted to match the duvet instead of the sheets as we do have other sets. I knew I wanted something white, and these crochet textured pillows fit. the. bill.

They blend right in with the white linen but provide enough interest and texture to be perfectly coordinated. The crochet pattern itself ties right into the warmth and traditional theme I was going for.

Our lamps were a light teal color which totally clashed with everything at this point. Since we spent the majority of our budget on bedding (where it really counts, right!), new lamps were out of the question. Besides, I really love the subtle scallop texture on the base and the warm toned shade fit perfectly with the new warm palette of the room. So it was Derek's contribution to spray paint them white. Bam, new lamps for $6.25.

With a few additional pieces of decor such as cream and brown striped rugs on either side of the bed and a chicken wire-esque basket to again tie into the traditional/country theme, the room was complete and cohesive once again.

All of the decor and furniture aside, my favorite thing in our room has to be my dried wedding bouquet that hangs above the center of our bed. It's such a sweet reminder of our unity.

I hope that this little update inspires you to find balance in working with what you've got and embracing a challenge when it may just steer your decor in a bit of a different direction... for the better!

Another room in our house feels like home now and tailored to our everyday life. It's so important to me to feel nested and comfortable in my environment, especially at home. I also love coming up with new ways to arrange decor and make new pieces work.

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Most of the items came from Homegoods and Marshall's which are un-linkable but I've included similar options where possible!

Duvet: West Elm Belgian Flax Duvet Cover
Sheets: Ralph Lauren (similar: in Ester Floral Orange)
Alternate sheets: Potterybarn Essential Sheet Set in White
Throw pillows: Marshall's (similar)
Night stands: Breakwater Bay Kenduskeag One Drawer Night Stand in Brushed White
Lamps: Marshall's / DIY (similar)
Rugs: Homegoods (similar)
Chicken wire basket: Homegoods (similar)

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