New Hampshire Foliage


This past weekend I headed up to New Hampshire to visit my Dad at his new house and help him with a few projects he needed to get done to settle in. With Derek down for the count with a cold (which I later caught...) I made the trip by myself thinking it was going to be a quick visit to get stuff done and get the grand tour from my Dad one on one of this new town we're calling home -- Tamworth.

However, to my surprise it turned out to be much more than that.

The foliage, people. It's stunning this year.

It's incredible! I'm not sure if I just haven't paid attention to it in the last decade or what, but my eyes were glued to the tree line at every and all moments once I crossed the border up North.

I was in awe! Is it that I have more headspace to look up and take in the world around me now that the wedding is past? Have I been living near the city for too long? Is this a particularly vibrant year of foliage? I don't know. A mix of all of the above, perhaps. All I do know is that my head, heart and soul were filled with a bit of magical New England seasonal cheer that can only come from one thing: the expected yet always awe inspiring beauty that is the onset of Autumn.

It's slowing down to really reflect and take in common yet beautiful moments like this that make me realize how extraordinary life is.


Because I clearly cannot get enough of this year's bountiful colors, we plan to head back to New Hampshire (can't stop, won't stop) this coming weekend to leaf peep in the Western portion of the state from the vantage point of a hike. Stay tuned for more footage of fall in New England!
(fingers crossed this cold shakes before then...)

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  1. Seems like it was a perfect weekend to capture the best colors!