Sunnycrest Farm Apple Picking

It's September! It feels so fitting that a new season is beginning as we simultaneously enter a new season of... life!
Cliche as it is, it feels so refreshing.

Though planning and anticipating our wedding was a special and once in a life time experience for the past year plus —with that beautiful day forever engrained in us, we are looking to what's to come with a clear head.

After our (very warm) honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico where we felt like we made up for lost time and experienced ten days of incredible summer weather and activities -- we jumped right into fall this past weekend.

It felt great to visit some of our favorite trails for evening walks and really live in the moment without any planning looming over us.

There was an ever so slight chill in the air (okay it was still about 70 degrees but this was drastic compared to 90+ degrees we've been experiencing!) so I threw on my overalls, camo hat and boots and we headed to none other than my home town Londonderry, New Hampshire to kick of the season the best way we know how: apple picking, goat petting, flower cutting, and pie baking!

Not sure I've ever seen anything cuter than these next five photos. I love him.
And the culmination of it apple pie, an apple crisp and a pitcher full of cheery flowers :)

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