It's enough.

Hey, hi, helloooo.

I'm currently scarfing down store bought taboule and wheat crackers as an extremely late three o'clock "lunch" before we leave in twenty minutes to drive across the state for a meeting. But hey, when the words strike I have to write. Because at the rate that my brain has going lately, I will forget within a matter of minutes. I'm calling this "wedding brain" ("pregnancy brain"'s sister).

I'm here to make a comment about balance. First, here is a glimpse into reality lately:

Lists on lists on lists on list on li...

Some people can spin all their plates at the same speed, at the same time and at the same height. No matter how many plates they may have, nonetheless. Hats off to you, expert plate spinners. I commend you.

I am not part of that club. I'm part of the wedding planning (holycrap2monthsandcounting), full time day job-ing, home owning, blogging, five times a week exercising, family loving AND can't spin all of my plates club. Mastering balance acrosse the board is just not on the agenda at this moment. However, self preservation is. And just doing the damn best ya can.

While I've had literally at least four multi-page lists going for the past few weeks, today I finally sat down to consolidate it all to one mother of a master list. While doing this oddly all-too-therapeutic task, I stopped for a second, looked down at the jumble of to-do's, to-make's and to-buy's and thought... it's enough.

It's enough to find major satisfaction in making a simple (read: huge) list in a fresh new notebook.
It's enough to spin only a few plates really well right now.
It's enough to be honest with myself, others, and my priorities.

It's enough. Everything. All of it. Whatever it is you're doing, be in it.

So while I am feeling a daily shift between this:
(pure chaos)

...and this:
(complete joy/gratitude/general engagement bliss)'s all enough.

Yes, this is a very full time in life right now. No, I can't exactly act on every single plan we're invited to, idea I have for the blog, or home project I'm itching to do at the risk of overloading to the point of all of my plates being spun so poorly that they flop and eventually crash. But, that's alright. What I'm spinning is enough. What I'm spinning is important right here and now.

And with that long winded off-the-cuff metaphor of a brain spill, I wish you the sweetest weekend. Remember that what you're doing is important and it's enough.

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