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I am incredibly thrilled to have Elise of She is Light here for a beautiful guest post about the importance of showing yourself grace, which I totally believe is something we're all deserving of in this life! Read on for some lovely words of wisdom and be sure to hop over to her site to read my guest post about the beauty in savoring the little things in life.


I don’t know about you, but I feel like I'm forever chasing my 'life admin' to-do list. I seem to be constantly adding task after task, while hardly ticking any off!

Why is it that I can complete everything that I need to in my full-time day job, yet I avoid the tasks around home like they’re the plague! There’s the tax return that’s got to be lodged, personal emails that need to be attended to, bills that are long overdue, dirty clothes all over the floor in need of a good scrub, clean dishes that need to be stacked away in the cupboard, an entire wardrobe that needs a good refresh… OK, I think you get the point – you sure won’t be finding my house featured in a home magazine, ha! You see, while these tasks are quite simple, they’re a bit tedious – and quite frankly, I don’t want to do them. So in sets procrastination mode, and procrastination’s friend – frustration, plus the feeling that something is constantly hanging over my head. And so I beat myself up over not completing these simple, yet mundane tasks.

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat! Maybe you’re not beating yourself up over uncompleted tasks around the home, but maybe you're annoyed at yourself for some other reason. You might be frustrated because you can't seem to keep up with your ideal workout routine to get that perfectly toned bod, or because you said some unkind words to someone in a fit of rage, or because despite all of your hard efforts, you just can't seem to achieve your dream grade.

If your frustration is causing you to beat up on yourself, you’ve got to take close notice of the following three life-changing words.

Show yourself GRACE!

Girl, you’re human, and I am too. As much as we’d love to be perfect in every area of our lives – in our marriages, friendships, home lives, work lives, (the list goes on) – we’re human and that means we’re not perfect. We heap a whole lot of pressure on ourselves by subconsciously setting ridiculously high expectations. And we all fall short of our expectations: the washing isn’t always perfectly folded and hung in colour-coded perfection, the kitchen isn’t always sparkling clean, the bills aren’t always paid on time (oops!) and our diets aren’t always sugar free (pass the chocolate!) – and that’s OK.

Here’s some great perspective that will help you to show yourself grace. God sent his son to die on the cross for you – the most shocking act of love the world has ever seen. And in that moment, God showed you grace. Jesus died for every single one of your shortcomings – past, present and future. So girl, you need to grab a hold of this message and begin to show yourself grace. And remember, as women, we're in this together. We all face the same struggles, and we all need grace.

Elise is the founder of She is Light – a global movement of women who know their worth. When she's not up to her eye balls in everything She is Light, you can find her churning out content for the PR firm she works at full time, spending time with her hilarious, sweet & handsome husband, sipping cups of peppermint tea, or hanging around the closest dog park (longing for a long-haired mini dachshund to call her own!)

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