Winter-y Weekend

We've had quite the wild weather patterns lately here in Eastern Massachusetts. For a span of about four days last week the temperature has jumped around from 45 all the way up to 65 degrees. The groundhog didn't see his shadow and I honestly had fleeting thoughts of crocuses blooming early and putting the furniture back on the deck to dine al fresco. The field behind my Dad's house in Maine is littered with bare patches of grass showing through, preventing us from taking the snowmobiles for long days out on the trails. It felt like we were cheating out as New Englander's to not spend at least a few months up to our waists in snow. After all, it's what makes the summer so special, right? The faux-Spring was a nice treat. However, the day after a 60 degree warm up our first real winter storm of the season passed through. And we're currently in the middle of the second, and even bigger, winter storm as I'm writing this. Winter is here. Better late than never.
It's beautiful and it feels right. We're eager to enjoy doing the things we wait all year for riding on the hopes of getting a lot of snow fall like this. I can't say we've ever made it to nearly the second weekend of February and not skied. Luckily, this is all happening in time as we plan to head up to Maine later this week to get back on the slopes. Locally, our favorite way to enjoy the snow is to (carefully) head out in our trusty wagon to the dog park followed by a cruise around the shore to see how the storm is stirring up the sea.

Conway is a rescue originally from Georgia, so we were a bit nervous she'd be majorly apprehensive about the snow, that little peach of ours! Thankfully, she loves it. She gets all sorts of jazzed when we let her off leash at the park to run and hop around with snow up to her ears. It's endlessly entertaining for all three of us. Luckily we remembered to bring our DSLR along with us to one of our trips to the park this weekend so we could capture moments so special yet common, even though it meant being THOSE paparazzi dog-parents. If you can't tell by now, we're slightly obsessed with our dog.

Once she's all tuckered out, a drive around the shore is the best way to wind down before heading home. With the sun setting, Eastern Point was our destination to watch the sky light up. Off we went. Eastern Point is our favorite spot to adventure to since it holds so many happy and loving memories for us. It's a place we've frequented our entire relationship to watch the sunset, take photos together for fun or for my senior thesis project in college, to watch the boat's coming in and out of the harbor, and even to get engaged. The magic this place holds in our hearts never wears away. It's always nice to visit, even just for a short while, to totally connect and enjoy the simple happiness this place fills us with.

We capped off the weekend with a long walk through the fields and trails at Bradley Palmer State Park. Another place that is haven for us. The silence of the woods and the uninterrupted conversation lends itself to a peaceful place for quality time and reflection. The contrast of the ocean and the woods is something I thrive on. The balance of the two makes me whole. It was wonderful to be able to experience both in one weekend. Something in me feels so at peace when that happens. As we walked through the fields, in particular, we couldn't hep but yearn for a huge field of our own. It's our dream and it's nice to feel so fulfilled together when we're in that environment.

This weekend was one that keeps us curious, dreaming and fills us up. Come Monday we feel connected and recharged. We have a lot of fun events planned for February and we're looking forward to spending the next few weekends with family!

How was your weekend? In what moments did you find simple joy?


I'll leave you with these uh, outtakes... :)
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