A Simple Christmas

This year, Derek and I decided to take a new approach for celebrating Christmas. We chose to rent a tiny little cabin in the Vermont woods for four days just the two of us. The simplicity and serenity was our biggest gift to one another.

We spent half of our time relaxing in the cabin and exploring the landscape of the rural countryside where we were staying: Underhill, Cambridge, Westford and Jericho. The other half of our time was spent in nearby Burlington where we sipped, ate, shopped and sat on a bench swing taking in the beauty of Lake Champlain. Our last stop before heading home was to Waterbury, for none other than the infamous ice cream factory that resides there. I will let our photographs do the talking this time around – prepare to scroll;

I cannot get enough of the desaturated cloudy palette and the vastness of the landscape. Vermont served as the perfect place to find peace in silence for even just a few days. We are eager to make it back to this beautiful land again another time. Until then, it feels good to be home and settling in for the winter as we had our first snow fall today.
Wishing you all the happiest, safest and healthiest new year. Cheers!