It's that time of year. Time to celebrate what we're thankful for. I love it. Though I think it's important to be mindful of this year round, it doesn't take away from how nice it is to intentionally celebrate what we're thankful for during this season. I love the sentiment around thanksgiving for this reason. It is so easy to get wrapped up in material things and stress this time of year, but when you stop and really look around at what you're so lucky to have, it's a reality check that can lift a great weight off your heart. I encourage you to try it when life gets hectic and you feel like you just. can't. even. These are the top three blessings I'm counting this year:

health Without your health, you have nothin' they say. Though as I'm writing this I'm laid up with a badly sprained foot from a basketball game last week, that's okay. Everyday I'm grateful for not only my own general health but if not more importantly, the health of my family.

A roof over my head, a warm place to sleep at night, a safe haven, and food in the refrigerator for every meal of the day all sound like cliche 'yeah, yeah' things to point out  but it all holds a much deeper meaning for me.

Having survived a house fire but losing everything, these are things that I saw vanish before my eyes in a split second completely out of the blue. Thank God for insurance (really though), strong parents, a supportive family and community that got us back on our feet as gracefully as possible. However, not everyone is as lucky in that situation, which is something I take to heart. This is why I am deeply connected to the sense of home and never spend a moment taking it for granted.

Speaking of community, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the people I hold near and dear in my life. I live by the mantra of "quality over quantity" and there is no area of my life that this applies to more than who I surround myself with. I also believe there is no thing more important in life than the people whom you share it with. I feel so blessed day in and day out that the family and friends I share my life with are as loving, supportive, generous and genuine as they are.


What are you grateful for this year? I'd love to hear it and I'd love for you to share it with everyone around you. If you post what you're thankful for on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to include #commondaymoments in your caption.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Put aside all distractions to enjoy the moment and the people you're with.