Intentional Common Day: Morning Routine

I've struggled with figuring out where to even start with this post. Instead of some lengthy or eloquent intro I'll just put it all out there – my mornings are a mess and a great source of stress to my days, weeks and even months. As Derek and I are at the stage of moving from engagement to marriage, we've been intentionally focussing on what aspects of our lives (as individuals and as a couple) could use some improvement or change. Personally, my complete lack of a morning routine is glaringly at the top of my list. A realistic and committable fitness regime, digital free periods of the day/evening, and creating balance in our life as a unit wherein our relationship comes first – are a few other points we've agreed need attention as well. I'll talk about these as this series of 'Intentional Common Day' posts roll out.

Back to mornings;
It has been difficult to maintain any type of routine since taking on a split schedule of working from home and in an office throughout the week. But, this is merely an excuse I've allowed myself to indulge for far too long. My mornings are nothing short of rushed, stressful and overly stimulated in all the wrong ways (hello, social media...). I've reached a point where, at the end of too many days I am frazzled and left feeling like each week is a blur. My poor start to each day is the root of it all.

I'm so far from being a "morning person" that I know this is not going to be something I'll be able to decide to change one day and wake up the next morning sticking to it for the rest of my life right off the bat. I know I have to mentally prepare, so for the past few weeks I've done just that. This all sounds so dramatic, I know. But really, anyone who has crossed me within the first ten minutes of waking refers to me as a total bear. Sorry D... love ya ;)

So, here I am. Ready to go. Mentally prepared as to what it is that I need to gain from each morning and how to get there. Ready to give it my best and not call it quits when I slip up here or there. Mostly, I'm eager to reap the benefits of a calm and collected common day for doing so.

The goal:
– Get up when Derek wakes me up to say goodbye at 7:00 AM when he's leaving for work (the best <3)
– Shower and/or allow myself the time to properly get ready – i.e. style my hair and not rush
– Make and eat breakfast at home / pack my lunch
– Take time to do something slow and creative such as reading or writing and reflecting in a journal to ease into the day
– Walk Conway instead of rushing for a quick stop in the backyard
– Enjoy the scenic commute to work instead of rushing

I would love to see how you start your day by tagging your Instagram posts with #commondaymoments — here's to less top knots and more clarity!