(Attempted) Capsule Wardrobe


Ahh the allusive idea that is the capsule wardrobe. It's been a thing I've been wanting to accomplish for a while now but for so long has felt daunting. I kept telling myself I just had to be in the right mood or it had to be the right time. In the interim I brushed up on capsule wardrobe anatomy (just decided that that is a thing) by following Caroline Joy's beautiful blog, Un-Fancy. Here, she documents her daily outfits from her 37 piece seasonal wardrobes to inspire others to live with a simple but intentional focus.

I set myself up for success by not limiting myself to a number but rather a set of criteria that would ensure every piece had a reason for still hanging up in my closet. This meant only keeping the pieces I loved, wore frequently, are good quality without any tears or pilling, and I felt totally comfortable in. This meant putting aside any emotional attachment and being totally practical. Relieving myself of the weight that all of this stuff kept in my life was the reason for doing this in the first place. Up to my closet I went, and the rest was well... a massive purge. The result was well worth the time and energy: an organized and realistic closet containing only what belongs. I could literally close my eyes and pick something out blindly knowing I'd love it and wear it. Picking out my clothes and jewelry, especially for work, is now a much easier and more positive experience.

With clutter comes weight. With weight comes guilt. It does not serve you to have half of your closet (or any material thing for that matter!) in your life that makes you feel any negativity. If so, pass it on to someone who will appreciate it and has a better use for it than you. As satisfying as it is to open my closet doors and admire the perfectly stacked sweaters or thinned out jewelry rack that was previously over flowing, creating this practical and intentional wardrobe came with an even better reward besides what was in front of me. The ultimate reward was making a massive donation to the St. Frances & St. Clarie's thrift sore of Lazarus House Ministries — a Catholic charity supporting those in need, especially families who have suffered from house fires. Taking the time to find a place to donate to that supports causes that are personally near to my heart made the entire experience that much more worth while.
I encourage you to take a look at what items in your home may not be serving a purpose any longer and pass them on. It's a win win. You feel great and your home will become more of a freer environment while you enrich someone else's life with something so appreciated. There's no better time to give than the holiday season :)