Why I've created this blog: a mission statement

The ol' blog. There are so many fish in the sea when it comes to blogging these days so why am I embarking on joining the blogosphere? Because it's something I've felt passionate about for not just a week or a month or even a few months. It's something that has been this quiet hum in the back of my mind for over a year now. And while I took a stab at it early on, I ultimately was stumbling in not knowing my voice or real purpose and rather ended up getting quite lost in what I was doing. So, I stepped back and let things settle so that over time I'd gain clarity on what it was that I really felt was the right setting for writing.

Life has been a little cray, in the best of ways, this past few years with so many major life changes and shifts. From college, to a professional career, to moving in with Derek at our first condo on our own, to buying a house, renovating a house, adopting a dog, Derek shifting to a new job, getting engaged and now planning a wedding – it's certainly been easy to get lost in the tumble of it all.

Through everything, I silenced the innate thoughts of what I felt I should be doing in terms of writing a blog in order to allow head space to hear in my heart what it was that I wanted. In a sense, these past two formidable years have been the perfect way to find clearly what it is that grounds me and fuels me to the point of sharing it here. When things are stressful and unsettled, that's when I find myself going back to what it is that makes up my core. For me that is the incredible sense of home, family and the importance of loving yourself and those around you fiercely – because I truly believe we're all worthy of such a thing.

With that said, I'm here because I think it's important to not skim over the common day moments that fill up a life well lived. Our feeds are so consumed with the highlights and prettiest moments of everyone's life. But I prefer the sweet spot of reality and how much more beautiful and authentic the little things can be. I'm here to put the common on a pedestal and glorify the everyday. To me, that's as refreshing as it gets, and I hope it is to you as well. :)