A change of scenery: Naples, Florida

This weekend we took a quick trip to Naples, Florida to celebrate and honor the life of Derek's grandmother, Grandy, as her soul passes to rest – a truly marvelous woman. Derek's paternal family members are spread out all over the country and I'd yet to meet many of them! It brought me closer to Derek to be able to meet the people he has so many memories with from growing up.

When we had down time before our flight home on Sunday, we ventured out with Derek's parents and sister (side note: have I mentioned how PUMPED I am to be gaining a sister when we get married?!) to downtown Naples and the local beach. As we took a brief but beautiful walk to the beach I was in awe of the beauty of the vegetation. Odd as it is, this was only my third time visiting Florida which seems a little ridiculous as an East coaster, but because of that it's all still very new to me.

The change of scenery from pine and oak filled New England to palm trees everywhere in Florida was giving me major heart eyes. If I'm sounding nuts and like I don't get out much, I promise I do – just not much further than our little upper right corner of the country! The travel phase of our life? Coming soon.

My motto is typically that my favorite color is the lack of color. But green is the exception when it comes to this. As long as its in the form of something natural. With the blackest thumb attached to my hand, it was heaven to be surrounded by not only lush greenery everywhere but so many different textures and scales of it. As autumn settles in up North, it was refreshing and inspiring to jump back to summer for a few days while paying attention to these little details.

These lush sage greens are giving me major wedding inspo for our florals. Consider that a sneak peak ;)